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23 Thoughts About Conflict

An expert juggler, an acrobat and dancer, a musician and inventor, and a brave woman warrior present an archive of 23 thoughts about conflict they collected in a period of one year. Each of them happened in reality. The work brings a unique point of view of personal and daily conflicts on various issues, meaningful or common, from the perspective of life In the Middle East.

"With the right balance of elegance and humor, an absurd cascade of real facts, of conflicting situations from everyday life treated with panache by this talented and effective quartet…What a pleasure to see them seize the stage with force and pleasure!"

Marie Sorbier, IO Gazette (January 2017)

Created by | Danielle Cohen Levy & Namer Golan

Performed by | Danielle Cohen Levy, Gil Lavi, Namer Golan, Tomilio Munz     

Stage and Costumes design | Daniel Blankett & Michal Fridman     

Sound design | Gil Lavi     

Lighting design | Yoav Barel     

Production | Michal Pinto

Touring Dates

24 May 2019,  NuQ Treff Fesival, Tallinn, Estonia

17 May 2019, Crossings 2019, Maribor, Slovenia

28, 29 September 2018, Theatre Paris Vilette, Paris, France

14, 15 May 2018, Fidena Festival, Resist, Bochum, Germany

13 November 2017, ACT Festival 2017,  Reality at Short Notice, Sofia, Bulgaria

Photo by Ronnie Gross

"The most brilliant aspect of this show is the genuine way these four artists chose to show their research in a witty mix of storytelling-theatre, movement, acrobatics and marvelous music. This way they succeed in transforming banal real events into poetic and humorist, absurd and liberating moments on stage."

Shay Bar-Yaacov, Yedioth Ahronot (October 2016)

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