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Created by | Juan Duarte Mateos, Namer Golan, Zuska Drobna

Directed by | Danielle Cohen Levy

Artistic counseling | Marit G.Ts, Etienne Manceau

Administration | Le Chalumeau

Perfect timing is a performance in creation where manipulation of objects is a pretext to friendship. It’s a show about absence and a passion for juggling. Sharing these precious moments with a friend is the biggest gift of our limited lifetime. 

Through the creative balancing of random objects, two jugglers put themselves in challenging situations, timed and measured with extreme precision. Time becomes the danger aspect in inventive games. The artists who break the fourth wall to the public are constantly faced with improbability, which is exactly what they wanted. Their childlike obsessions are brought to a level of mastery. The precision of domino building or head balancing of absurd objects such as microwaves or giant plants are some of their favorite stage adventures.
While all these actions take place, the performers are referencing  historical jugglers. In a way, their silly games become as important as the history of juggling itself which sets off the audience on a journey through time, literally. 
This show is the fifth creation of the company WCS. So far it has been hosted and supported by the Israeli ministry of culture, the National lottery of Israel, Tmuna Theatre (Tel Aviv), La Maison Jonglage (La Courneuve) and la Grainerie (Toulouse).
Perfect Timing will premiere in autumn 2023 and is  looking for residencies in 2022 and 2023 in order to continue and develop this project. 

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