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Thoughts about space and distance


Photo by David Kaplan

Four space investigators form a live archive of thoughts. On stage they paint a mosaic image of sad and funny poetic moments which attempt to map the spaces in their lives.  New circus, acrobatics and juggling are intertwined with true documented stories and contemporary performance.
Spaces and distances define us, bring us together, but can also separate us.
One woman, three men and dozens of objects are trying to redefine the stage and expand its limits. Also, one thought about the sea.
A show created in two different continents simultaneously, everything you see on stage actually happened.

The new piece by Namer Golan and Danielle Cohen Levy, opened in November 2019, is the second chapter in a pseudo-scientific independent surprising circus trilogy continuing the first chapter “23 Thoughts About Conflict”.  Golan and Cohen Levy look for unexpected answers to questions which are clearly far too big.

Created by | Danielle Cohen Levy & Namer Golan  Music | Gil Lavi 

Movement | Tomilio Munz 

Lighting  and space design | Yoav Barel  Production and costumes | Reut Shaibe  Artistic Advisors | Marit Ben Israel, Asaf Aharonson, Naomi Yoeli 

Performed by | Danielle Cohen Levy, Gil Lavi, Namer Golan, Tomilio Munz

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